Free iPhone Games: Race Penguin

There are a lot of amazing iPhone games out there that require not much skill in order to play and these are often the most successful. There are also a lot of iPhone games out there that are extremely addictive and previous games that have been a massive hit include Angry Birds and many others. Now, there is a new game on the scene that goes by the name of Race Penguin and it is already doing pretty well in the Apple app store.

The idea behind the Race Penguin game has been seen before in the Tiny Wings game that costs around $0.99 in the US. In the game, you will play as a penguin that you will have to conduct over some snowy hills; you do this by pressing down on the screen which will cause the penguin to be weighted and drop down quicker. This is an extremely addictive game that is very simple.

The games graphics are relatively good although you can tell that it is free. The main difference between this game and Tiny Wings is that there are a number of different levels that you win by doing them in set amounts of time. This is relatively easy and allows a lot of game play.

In our opinion, although this is a great free app, Tiny Wings is a much neater and nicer looking game and it is well worth spending the extra money  if you like games like this.

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