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The popularity and fame of Apple’s iPhone gave way to a lot businesses to advertise their products with the help of Apple products. This made Apple App store the largest app site as there are thousands or even millions of apps to be found in their database. Some are offered free and there are also those which are sold at a very reasonable price.

The Proloquo2Go iPhone App has been newly updated to cater the needs of the people who have problems with their speech. In fact, it is the first communication solution that have been introduced into portable media devices. AssistiveWare, the maker of Proloquo2Go, made it a point to help the people with speech impairments to communicate easily with others through the help of their favorite media device–the iPhone.

Furthermore, Proloquo2Go is equipped with TTS (text-to-speech) human voices; female, male, girl and boy voices. So, you can choose which of the voices best suit your personality. The latest updates include voices for people with British accents and voices. In this way, it is even easier to speak to someone else with British or English culture.


There is also an interface which one can use to type their own words if they want; it is called TTS Typing interface. Aside from that, this will give a person choices to repeat and retrieve recently played words and phrases to have fast and convenient communication process between people; expressions are the best examples of those phrases.

The Proloquo2Go system is equipped with more than 7000 phrases as well as words. Every update contains and adds more vocabulary to the system to ensure that communication will be better enough for one to understand what the other wants to convey. The good thing is, the Proloquo2Go interface is comprehensive enough for anyone to easily find the words in their minds and verbalize them using their iPhone or iPod Touch. The Touch Screen features of iPhone is just so helpful in achieving the purpose of this iPhone app.

Proloquo2Go iPhone

At $189.99, you will never regret downloading one for your iPhone. Whether you have speech impairments or not, Proloquo2Go can still be used to communicate with others. Also, this can be the best gift you can give to your loved ones or friends who have problems with their speech. The price is simply so reasonable and cheap compared to other AAC devices which will cost you thousands. However, when you have problems with your speech, $189.99 is just a bargain price to make your life easier.

Clearly, Proloquo2Go iPhone App is your best choice to make communication better for those who need it.

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  2. Hi, I have a 13 grandson with cerebral palsy, and communication with him is so difficult, we try to guess what he wants or feels… it is frustrating to everybody. I would like to know if this program could help him to communicate better, In sure It does, however we lived in Guadalajara Mexico and we need that program in Spanish language, I hope that is available.
    Thankyou for your help
    Leticia Vaca

  3. Can you answer the following questions:
    What iTouch would you recommend for using the proloquo2go application with the typing interface?
    Is there a place where I can try the application before purchase?
    Can you save phrases you create?

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