Spy Cams App for the iPod Touch

If you’re a traveler, or just like to look at pictures from around the world, then you’ll love the Spy Cams app for the iPod Touch. This app not only brings you glorious pictures from around the world, but it also brings you real-time video! So you can see what’s going on on the other side of the world with just a few taps on your Touch!

The app really is that simple. Find the place where you want to go, and then zoom in on the action. And there are many different ways that you can find that place that you want to check out too. When you open the app you’ll be given the choices of either Popular, Faster, or Random at the top. Click on any one of these and you’ll see the best videos for that category. If you have a certain place that you want to check out, hit the Search button and just type in the area you want to see. If  you type in a city, you’ll be given a whole list of places where webcams are checking out different parts of that city – right now!

You can comment on a certain video or you can put it in your favorites so that you can quickly go back to it later. Now the next time you’re going on a trip, just type in the location in the Search bar and keep on eye on that area. You’ll know what the weather is like, what seem like the busiest areas, and just get a real feeling for the place before you even arrive there!

This app is among the Top 100 Free Apps this week in iTunes and it’s no wonder why – this app is just straight up cool, no doubt about it. Download it from iTunes here.

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