Cookie Maker for the iPod Touch

Over these past holidays we brought you the Christmas Tree Maker app for the iPod Touch and now, the Cookie Maker app is now here to let you have even more decorating fun!

This app goes far beyond just letting you put some icing and sprinkles on your own home-baked cookies. It takes you through the entire process from mixing the cookie dough, to putting them in the oven, and then onto of course, decorating them. Once you open the app, you even have to make sure that you make the recipe correctly. It will give you the ingredients and you need to get them all into a bowl, then stir them all together to make sure that you get a dough that’s just the right consistency. And, you’ll get to choose nine different cookie cutters too so you get to make many different shapes and decorate the one that you like best!

One of the things that you should know about this app is that it’s not entirely free. While you’ll be given a huge choice of different decorations and cookie cutters, there are many, many more that are not free. These are indicated with a small lock symbol in the upper right-hand corner and if you tap on them, the app is quick to let you know that you can’t do that. Not a bad thing, but to buy a package is about $5.99, which seems like a bit much to decorate virtual cookies.

Another thing that’s a little more irritating about the app is that it comes loaded with ads. It seems that you can’t move from one step to another without being faced with some kind of ad. And they take a minute to load, and a minute to skip, which can be sort of irritating. Without them the app would be exceptional, but it’s still a pretty great free little app. Download it from iTunes here.

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