Celebrate Halloween with Pumpkin Maker for iPod Touch

Everyone’s getting into the Halloween spirit, now that it’s less than a week away, and you can take the festive spirit around with you wherever you go with the Pumpkin Maker app for the iPod Touch. This app, of course, brings to you all the pumpkin-carving fun that’s all a part of the fun of the holiday, and when it’s time to carve your non-virtual pumpkin, you’ll look at it in an entirely different way.

First, you choose your pumpkin. You can pick from the traditional round, orange pumpkin or choose one that’s oval to give it a different look. You can even choose from a pumpkin that’s green or white, big or small. The choices are yours! Then you’ll be given all kinds of different tools and parts to start carving away. Choose from the selection to make a pumpkin that’s funny, goofy, scary, or just smiley. You can even add accessories like a wig, animal noses, animal ears, sunglasses and more to help add to the fun of carving your pumpkin.

Of course, if you carve a pumpkin that you’re particularly impressed with, you can save it and send it on to anyone through email or share it on Facebook. The free version will give you a ton of tools to use to make  your pumpkin, but if you find that you want even more choices, there is a Supply Store within the app where you can go to purchase a pack that will give you even more resources to sharpen your pumpkin-carving skills.

For most though, especially those who will quickly bore with this once Halloween is over, the free version is just as good, and still gives you tons of ways to decorate your perfect pumpkin. To start getting creative with your Halloween pumpkin, download it for free here.

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