Distant Sun iPhone Updates

Today is the year for International Astronomy. As you can see, we are having small astronomy explosion applications that are updated for both iPhone and Mac. Many iPhone users favorite application is called the Distant Suns and it has been updated to be able to run on the iPhone 3G. It increases its reality features which are great. It means that when your phone is pointed in the sky, the direction that you are pointing will be figured out by the program. It will give you an exact match of what you are really seeing up in the sky. This is excellent especially for those who want to stroll outside so that they can easily figure out the stars.
This new iPhone update is for the 3Gs only and a few additional features will be on its way for the earlier iPhone models. Well, of course, those older iPhones does not have the compass feature. There are some other changes such as the UI tweaks and the capability to set the default of sound effects to “off”.
The Distant Suns update has a long line of star mapping in the world. In 1987, in the Commodore Amiga, it was first use, then after, it was ported to the Mac, PC, and with the latest technology- with your very own iPhone.
So, when you feel like celebrating Apollo 11 landing in the moon 40 years ago, ensure that you also look at the many other light points with this software application which will really point you out in the right direction.

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