iTunes Match – Teaser of Latest Apple Technologies Made Available before Launch

New Apple Technology – iTunes Match

Apple comes up with new technologies almost in every quarter of a year surprising and elating it users. Apple has started giving developers a chance to go ahead and inspect superficially its latest new service, iTunes Match which allows the users to both stream and download. 9to5mac had announced that Apple would give developers a chance to try out is latest new technology, iTunes Match on their own music libraries with a demo version before it is released worldwide in the fall this year.

This latest iTunes Match launch of Apple is a unique technology. The service rendered by iTunes Match is to scan the library of a user in order to find music that the person might have taken out from a CD and not purchased from Apple. It will then cross reference it with the music library of Apple. If a match is found then it provides the user with a license of the full track which is a quality material. However, you have to be a subscribed individual who pays for the service regularly.

This iTunes Match feature was first introduced in June at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference. At its introduction conference it was mentioned that iTunes Match would be able to download tracks before they would be played. However, in a surprise move, Apple introduced a new functionality in the evening of 29th August in the official Apple blog Insanely Great Mac. This new functionality allows the users to use the option of streaming tracks for iTunes Match.

The test plan includes Apple giving developers access to the iTunes Match service without any charge of usage before it is released officially along with three months free. The plan will run for a period of 12 months and will cost $24.99 per year and will cover 25,000 songs in the library of a user. Developers need to be running the latest beta of iOS 5 and a new version of iTunes 10.5 in order to avail the service.

Similar to software-driven initiatives previously, Apple has provided developers an access to iCloud features ahead of its launch which is scheduled in the fall of this year too. Developers have received the access to iCloud iOS device backup though the iOS 5 program along with the before time versions of its iWork apps and the website.

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