The Five Best iPhone Apps for Weight Loss

Trying to lose weight? Just like everything else in the world, there’s an app for that and in fact, there are several. So if you’re looking for iPhone apps to lose weight,  here are the best five that we could find for you!

Couch to 5K – This app was developed for those who want to start a running program but just need a little help doing it. This app will lay out a solid 9 week running program that includes walking, running, warmups, and cool-downs. Once you’re finished with the program, you’ll be ready to go it alone and lose all the weight you want with a pace that you’ve found to be most comfortable for you!

Daily Burn – Want to count calories and follow nutrition labels by just find it all too overwhelming? This app will do it all for you with just a quick scan with the built-in iPhone camera.

Don’t Eat That – Confused about which foods are good for you and which are bad? There’s a lot of information to keep track of, and it’s very easy to forget whether Acetal is an okay ingredient or not. This app lists over 1,500 food ingredients and all you have to do is take a quick scan over the list. Black means “Don’t eat that!” and red means “Yum!”

iCore Fitness – What else could be more of a help when you’re trying to lose weight than a personal trainer? This app will give you exercise programs no matter if you’re a man, woman, beginner, or advanced trainee. And, the exercise programs will all be customized too. Plus, you’ll get cool features like a rep counter, and a calorie-burning counter.

Weight Watchers MobileWhen you need to lose weight, turn to the professionals. This app for the most popular weight loss program will help you keep track of your points, will give you healthy, nutritious recipes, and will even create shopping lists for you. Because diets don’t work. Weight Watchers does.

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