How to Format Your iPod Touch in Easy Ways?

Ipod Touch is one of Apple Inc.’s most promising gadgets. It is a portable media player that can play almost all media files at the utmost convenience of the users. Users may play music files, watch favorite movies, play games, and even read their books whenever they want to.

Users can also have the discretion on how will their iPod Touch appears. They can modify the device to match their own interests. They can adjust its screen properties, security options, and connectivity. For example, users can adjust the brightness, hue, and contrast of the device to watch their favorite music videos and films properly.

Apple Inc. also provides its customers the freedom to restore the original settings of iPod touch units. Once reformatted, the settings configured by Apple Inc. during the manufacture of the devices will be restored. However, the following must be considered by iPod Touch users when reformatting the device:

  • Once reformatted, the files saved by the users will be removed.
  • Backups must be created before the restoration of the device.
  • Previous settings or configurations cannot be retrieved.
  • There is no turning back once the iPod Touch is reformatted or restored.

If you are ready to take the above consequences, let met teach you the basic steps of how to reformat iPod touch. Before discussing the procedures, I need you to prepare the things to be needed first.

  • iPod Touch
  • Computer/Laptop with USB port and iTunes application
  • Universal Serial Bus (USB) cable

Note: If you don’t have an iTunes application in your computer, you can download it at the official website of Apple Inc. at

Do you meet the above requirements? Before anything else, be sure that your iPod is fully charged and the version of the iTunes application you have is updated.

Here are the steps. Analyze them properly. I assume that you have already made backups of your important files.

  1. Connect your iPod touch to the computer/laptop using the USB cable which is included upon your purchase of the device.
  2. Open iTunes and choose iPod Touch in the side panel of the application under the devices option.
  3. Go to the Summary tab of the iTunes application.
  4. Once you are there, hit the “Check for Update” option.
  5. Choose the Restore button and follow the wizard for the restoration.
  6. Be sure that the process is not interrupted to avoid further damages.

Second Method:

The following steps are for advanced users only. If you don’t have ample technical knowledge, don’t dare using the method below.

  1. Connect the iPod touch on your computer.
  2. Turn on the power of the device.
  3. For five seconds, press the Home and Sleep/Wake button simultaneously until the boot logo of Apple Inc. appears.
  4. Once the Apple Inc. logo is loaded, release the Sleep/Wake button but don’t release the Home button yet.
  5. Doing so, the iPod Touch will be restarted thus implying the iTunes app know that the device is under the recovery mode.
  6. Repeat the steps of the first method.
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