Free iPhone Games; Jamkit

The touch sensitive screen of the iPhone and the iPod Touch means that there is a great number of ways that games can be played and although we have previously seen ‘drumming’ applications for these devices before, there is a new app on the scene named JamKit.

This is one of the best drumming applications that we have seen for the iPhone as there are so many possibilities. When you first launch the app, you will be asked for a stage name which really adds to the whole experience. After this, you will either be able to have a free drumming session, do a drumming challenge or expand your drumming possibilities. The free drumming session allows a lot of freedom and there are a number of tracks built into the app that you will be able to drum along to and create your own drumming patterns. You can also create your own challenge and then share it with others.

If you opt for a challenge, this is a great way to increase your skills on the app and is a lot of fun. You will be able to upgrade the app to include more styles of drum kits and much more for a very small fee too. The app has integration with game center for an extra experience too. This is a great free drumming app that will give you hours of fun.

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