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Free Ringtones for iPhone, Ringtones are one of the reasons why iPhone4’s saleability increased. With ringtones, you can hear your favourite song whenever a call or text arrives. You can even assign ringtones to your contacts so you know who’s calling just by the sound. Also one of the best thing is you can personalise your phones ringtone to suit your taste.

Statistics say that there are about Forty-four million and three hundred thousand iPhone smartphone users in the US. When the iPhone came out, a lot of these users (you might be one of them)were enraged that they could only use the pre-installed ringtones. In 2007, the new released version of iTunes contained a ringtone creation tool for songs purchased using iTunes Music Store. For $1.98 you can create your own 30 second ringtone plus license the music for your mobile phone. But what about free ringtones for iPhone 4 you own?

Good news is, that free ringtones for iphone 4 tool was included in versions of iTunes a long time ago and now was removed, so if you want to create ringtones for your iPhone, you’ll need to use an app or a website.

Yes, it’s free to get ringtones today! The reason your reading this is because you still own an iPhone 4. Well, who doesn’t love their iPhone 4, a few years ago a lot of people did. Anyway, anyone can get free ringtones for their iPhone 4. You can follow this very simple steps to turn any music on your computer into a ringtone on your iPhone 4.In fact, there are no – I’ll say it again – NO programming skills are required. Here are some options to making your own ringtones:

  1. A free web service or a ringtone creation ap

There are hundreds to a thousand websites on the net offering free iPhone 4 conversion for ringtones. Most of this websites allows you to select any audio file format and convert it to an iPhone 4 ringtone-for free! – If you don’t know what audio file formats are and not sure what’s compatible for your iPhone 4, you can check google and do some reading.

There are a lot of ringtone creation apps on the web, you’ll just have to search for a good one.Once you’ve found the app or website you want you can move on to the next step.

  1. Your choice of songs to turn into a ringtone:

Turning songs into a ringtone is easy if you carefully read the instructions or how to’s

  • .Uploading – If you’ve chosen a website to make your ringtone, Upload would be the next step to making it. You can choose to “Upload by URL”, this will require you to enter the web address, or you can click on “Browse a File in your computer” and select what clip you prefer. After this step is you will need to download the file.
  • Using an app – Once you’veinstalled an app on your iPhone 4, depending on what app you choose. There will always be a button for you to select songs that are in your music library. Most apps may ask what kind of tone you want to create. Then once you’ve set the ringtone you want, you’ll need to save it. Tap the button that says “save”.
  1. The computer you sync your iPhone to nearby. 

The last step is to Sync the ringtone with your iPhone on iTunes as you normally would. Here you can now set the sound file as your ringtone.

Remember that you’ll still need to pay to download songs – or not – or buy a CD where you can get the song in order to use it as Free Ringtones for iPhone 4.

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