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How to Read iPhone Text Messages on Your Computer

Have you ever wanted to free up space on your iPhone without losing all of your text messages? Unfortunately, sometimes deleting your text messages does seem to be the only way to free up space on your iPhone but, while you will need to get these off your phone, you don’t need to delete them entirely. Just put them on your computer and then you’ll still have all your information, plus a lot more room on your iPhone! Here’s how you can read iPhone text messages on your computer.

The first thing you’ll need to do is download DiskAid and SQLite Database Browser. Then connect your iPhone to your computer and open DiskAid. You’ll see a drop-down box at the bottom of the screen. From this you should choose “Root Folder.” If a warning message pops up just click “Go Ahead.” Then click “User” and then “Library”, and then “SMS.” Once you’ve chosen those, you can then click “sms.db.” Then find the “Copy to Folder” icon that’s located at the top and save the sms.db file wherever you want to place it on your computer.

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Once you’ve done that then find the sms.db file on your computer. Right-click on the file and open it with the SQLite Database Browser. Then in SQLite Database Browser, click “File”, then “Export”, then “Table as CSV File.” You will then be given a drop-down box filled with options for Table Names. From the drop-down menu choose “Message” and then click “Export.” Then save the file but make sure you change the file’s extension to “.csv”. Then just open the file using Microsoft Excel, or whatever other database program you feel comfortable with.

Of course, also check out your iPhone and see just how much extra room you have now for all your pictures, video, music, and of course, all those apps!

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