Orange Flashing Lights Shows Error Code Printers – iP3600

Orange Flashing Lights Shows Error Code Printers – iP3600 – Firstly there is no harm if my friend read the first post Disposal Bubbles On Printer Ink hose and Simple Tips to Fix Canon Printer Cartridges When an error occurs in the printer , then the orange light blinks indicate something is wrong with the printer . The mistake was divided with some kind , so my friend had to observe in detail the flashing orange lights . Here the number of blinks and actions to be taken :

Orange Flashing Lights Shows Error Code Printers – iP3600

Flashing 2 Times : A sign that is out of paper or no paper entry , The solution is to fill the paper and press the resume button or stop button . 
Blinking 3 Times : The paper exit closed sign , to continue the process of the printer so my friend had to open a way out of paper . If the error still occurs then it means that there is still a paper jam , clear the paper and attach the new paper , press button Resume / Stop to continue . 
Flashing 4 Times : A sign of the ink tank is not installed properly or could also run out of ink , To see the error and see the lights turn on printer cartridge , If the die is not properly installed , if not lit it means run out of ink . 
Blinking 5 Times : Print Head is not installed or Damaged Print Head , Print Head If already installed , Uninstall and reinstall , follow the instructions in the manual to install the Print Head . 
Blinking 7 Times : Ink tank is not installed properly , Adjust so that the ink tanks are installed correctly , observe the lights , if blinking means the tank is mounted . 
Flashing 8 Times : Ink Absorber or nearly full landfill ink , printer Due equipped with a disposal , so my friend had to quickly press the Resume button so that the printer does not really regard the discharge tube will be filled . 
Flashing 9 Times : The issue is about the connection , which means that my friend connect as cameras or anything that is not compatible with the connected printer . Please check the attached device, errors may occur in splicing . 
Flashing 13 times : The ink levels are not detected , the rest of the ink tank or tube not detected and the printer assume the tank is empty , check Ink and Press Resume to continue . 
Flashing 14 Times : tank or ink cartridge is not recognized , use compatible ink cartridge or printer-matching mate . 
Flashing 15 Times : Almost the same as Flashing 14 times , is only used original cartridge but have not been identified because of possible damage . Replace the cartridge with a new buddy . 
Flashing 16 Times : Means ink tube in the tank is empty or if the printer is resumed it will only damage the printer , the ink contents beforehand and next printer process . 
Flashing 19 Times : The printer is connected to a PC or USB is used does not support , Try removing the USB and connect again .

Orange Flashing Lights Shows Error Code Printers – iP3600 , All flashing above in the quotation from personal experience , so the buddy can rest easy in the solution , If the printer still goes wrong my friend , then the friend must quickly take the place of the above only serve as a way for alternative.If there are complaints of error can directly contact another friend or love comments below let Orange Flashing Light Shows Error Code Printers – iP3600 not alone in my blog . Hopefully useful way above !

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