Iphone Error 1603 – Simplest Solutions to the commonest iPhone Unknown Error

Error 160

Error 1603 is one error that is very common and all iPhone users must definitely have experienced it once during iPhone usage. This iphone error 1603 occurs when you try to restore your iphone in iTunes. The exact message reads “the iPhone could not be restored. Unknown error occurred. Error 1603”.

iphone error 1603

Owing to the rampant prevalence of the 1603 error, Apple has acknowledged it and provided solutions, not in the form of elimination but in the form of work around. The company suggests three ways in which the problem can be solved although no mention is made regarding the cause of error. Given below are three ways in which you can you can get over the error and enjoy the benefits of your iPhone.

How to Fix iphone error 1603?

One of the most effective things that you can do to fix this unknown error 1603 is to update both your computer and the iPhone. If you have a Windows system, you can go to help and choose to update the version. If you have a Mac computer, go to iTunes for updating. For updating your phone, you have to ensure that you have the latest iTunes version. After connecting your iPhone to the computer, choose the iPhone buttoning iTunes. It is listed under Devices list. Then, choose the Summary tab and select “Check for Update”. The update is then done. In contrast to restoring the computer or phone, updating does not cause any loss of data. An updated system will not bother you with Error 1603 while restoring your iphone.

Solving Error 1603 on Windows

If your system runs on Window XP, then the procedure that you have to adopt to fix error 1603 is slightly different. You have to start by shutting down iTunes and disconnecting your phone. Then go to the Start Menu on Windows screen and select Control Panel. Choose Services under Administrator Tools. You will find Apple Mobile Device option in the list. Click on the button and choose Stop Service. Once the service is stopped, select then Start Service button. You can now open iTunes and reconnect your phone. Go to the Source list, select Summary tab and Restore. Your phone will now be restored without Error 1603.

Solving Error 1603 on Mac OS X

If your system has Mac operating system, the process to remove the iphone error 1603 might seem slightly more complicated but the problem can effectively be solved. You have to begin with opening Apple Menu and choose System Preferences. Navigate to View and open Accounts. You will find a “+” button that you have to click on. For this, you may have to authenticate by providing the new user with a name. A password is required. In the same Window, there is a button “Allow user to administer this computer” with a check box. Check the box and allow the user to use the system. The user can use this account to restore the phone without errors such as 1603. The procedures for remaining operating systems are more or less the same as these two. You can follow the respective procedures for Mac and Windows systems with subtle changes.

Please kindly share your experience related to this iphone error 1603 problem, might be you have more simplest and easiest steps to solve error 1603 problem. And you could check another similar error like this one called itunes error 1015.

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