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How to Fix iPad Error 3194 when Restoring the iOS?

How to Fix iPad Error 3194 when Restoring the iOS. Here is a quick reference guide for jailbroken ipad users are restoring ipad to iOS 4.3.3 and get the error 3194 from iTunes, the ipad error means that when restoring iTunes is not able to get your certificate from the Apple servers SHSH.

itunes error 3194

Steps to resolve iPad Error 3194

Here is a procedure for solving this ipad error 3194 problem:


Method 1 (Windows & Mac)
Connect the ipad device to your PC or Mac and run TinyUmbrella (Windows | Mac). Then you have to go in the “Advanced” of the program and uncheck “Request From Cydia SHSH”. Then click “Apply Changes” and restart the computer.

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Method 2
A. For Windows PC
Go to C: Windows System32 drivers etc and open the “hosts” file with Notepad and open the HOSTS file with Notepad. Remove all strings that contain the “gs.apple.com” and restart your PC.
B. for Mac computer
Click Go -> Go to Folder and then enter the path / etc
Remove all entries that contain gs.apple.com and restart the computer.


Please watch this video to guide you to fix itunes error 3194.

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How to Fix iPad Error 3194 when Restoring the iOS? | rosari | 4.5