iPhone Recovery Mode – How to Enter and Exit it?

iPhone Recovery Mode

There might be times when your iPhone could become unresponsive. iPhone can normally be troubleshooted for normal documented errors using the iTunes option. Apple keeps releasing higher versions of this iTunes where they keep adding solutions to all reported iphone problems. Hence having the latest version of iTunes would help counter a large variety of faults. However there are occasions where iphone recovery mode using iTunes will not work. This could happen when the iphone error is caused due to some faulty installations of firmware or due to the user attempting to upgrade the operating system versions which are incompatible with the hardware configuration.

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Fortunately you do not need to run down to your iphone vendor every time this happens. Just reboot the iphone into recovery mode and follow the instructions that follow to recover your last known configurations that worked.

Enter iPhone Recovery Mode

Enter iphone recovery mode

Booting iPhone in the recovery mode requires you to first switch off your iPhone and then holding the
Sleep/Wake” button for a few seconds till a red slider appears on the screen, Once you have pushed the slider switch off the iPhone. Now connect the iPhone (in off mode) to your PC or MAC and press the “Home” button until you see the picture of a USB cable pointing to the iTunes icon.(a yellow triangular warning signal and message appears instead of this picture in some older versions). Once you reach this stage follow the simple on screen instructions to restore your iPhone. The iPhone is ready to be used again once these simple iphone recovery mode formalities are completed.

Exit iPhone recovery Mode

You could use this simple steps to get iphone out of recovery mode:

+ Please hold down the home and power button for about 15 seconds, this step power off your iPhone
+ Next is to press the power button to reboot the iPhone

A few words of caution though.

1. Use the iPhone recovery mode only if you are sure that the error is beyond the scope of iTunes.
To keep enhancing the scope of errors that can be corrected using iTunes ensure to keep updating your iTunes from time to time.

2. Use of recovery mode in most of the cases means that you stand to loose the latest firmware that you have installed in your iPhone.

3. You may not only loose the recently installed applications, but may also loose on some data if the data has not been backed up using synchronization during your last PC or Mac connect. (hence regular synchronization is also advised if you are handling precious data)

4. Sometimes after having completed the iPhone recovery, your gadget may enter into what is called ‘recovery mode loop’. The iPhone may not boot in the normal mode. This could be quiet frustrating for a user and getting out of this requires use of special library applications which allow access to USB devices through your PC. While there are several such packages available for free download from the net, it is not advisable to use them with your iPhone. In such a situation you can call up the Apple helpline 1-800-MY-IPHONE or visit a local apple store.

5. Don’t loose your patience while handling your iPhone. Nothing is more important than your peace of mind. And gadgets are for your comfort and not to make you loose your sleep over them.

Please share your experience below related to iphone recovery mode or might be you have a better tips to get iphone in / out of recovery mode.

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