iPhone SMS Tricks

Receiving an SMS on the iPhone is a great experience for users. Not only does the iPhone offer all the general functions as normal mobile phones do, but there are a number of other things you can do with an SMS text message. They include the following:

Call or email someone you have sent an SMS

Calling or sending an email to someone you have sent an SMS is very easy. Simply tap the Text icon on the Home screen.

Next tap the message in the Messages List, the tap the Call button at the top of the conversation to call the person. Alternatively you can tap the Contact Info button and then tap e-mail address to send an email.

If the text message contents consists of a phone number or email address, you can simply tap the number or email to dial or send an email.

Add the sender of an SMS to your Contact List

Simply tap the name or number that appears on the message in the Messages List, the tap the Add to Contacts button. This will add the information to your Contacts List.

Opening a URL

If the text message contains a URL, simply tap the URL and it will open the web page in the iPhone’s Safari browser.

Viewing an Address in Maps

If a text message contains an address, you can simply tap the address to see it in a map format in Maps.

Send a message to someone in your Recent List

This is a very easy process to follow. Tap the Phone icon on the Home screen and then tap the Recents button. Then tap the blue icon to the right of a name or number and then tap Text Message at the bottom of the info screen.

The same process can be followed when sending a message to someone in your Favourites List.

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