Bring Some Smile Home with iFacelaugh iPhone App

iFacelaugh iPhone App. Want to record your friend while he laughs along with his snap, here is a solution. iFacelaugh an iPhone app that brings you the capability to record a laugh and attach it along with your friends snap. So lets share and enjoy the fun on the move.

iFacelaugh iPhone Application

iFacelaugh is an unique app for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch that lets you to control what sound needs to be played when we tap on theF thumbnail. Let me explain it how does it work. When you are at a party with your friends and found some strange laughs – grab your iPhone, open the iFacelaugh ipod touch app, take a snap and record your friends strange laugh. Interesting right? Yes, it is. The app has lots more necessary features, you can actually mail all those laugh along with a snap to your friends email address.

The features doesn’t stop here, iFacelaugh has a bonus game called Laugh-a-Laugh to challenge your friends through offline or online mode. I liked the offline version, where we can compete against our close friends. A final thought which I want to share about app – iFacelaugh brings home smile by collecting those wonderful memories shared with our friends. So, don’t mis to try out this app, I am sure your gonna like it! Get the App here.

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