Finally! Windows Live Messenger App for iPhone is Here!

Users of the iPhone and the iPod Touch have been waiting for a Windows Live Messenger app but have only been more and more disappointed, as they’ve come to the conclusion that it was never coming. But we haven’t been let down as just days ago, the app was released and everyone started downloading the free app from the App Store.

Just as though you were using it on your PC, the Windows Live Messenger app lets you connect to the most important people in your life, and do so with a clean and easy to use interface. The app also pulls people from not only your Messenger contacts but also your Yahoo! Messenger contacts, meaning that now iPhone and iPod Touch users also have a way to wrap all of their social networks up into one. The app also lets you update your status on Facebook and MySpace, and also lets you check out what your friends are sharing on websites such as Flicker and YouTube.

And of course, for iPod Touch users, the app gives them a way to text and communicate in real time, all from their Touch, which may not have had those capabilities before. All of this plus you’ll get instant notifications, even when the app is not in use.

Also just as though you were sitting in front of your computer at home, the app is very clean-looking with neat, simple lines that and large, colorful buttons that are both easy to see and to tap. Best of all, the app is available absolutely free and you can download it for free at iTunes here.

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