The Four Best iPhone Apps for Women

When you want to truly girly-girl up your iPhone, here are the four best iPhone apps for women. 

iPeriod – Are you tired of marking up your calendar with all kinds of red “X”s just so you can know when your cycle is coming, and trying to plan events around it? This app will do it all for you, and no one will be the wiser except for you. Just enter a few key pieces of information, and the app will automatically calculate when you’re going to get your period every month, for a 12-month cycle. The app isn’t free though. You’ll need to pay $1.99 for it. 

Baby Tracker: Nursing – New moms are way too tired to keep track of feeding times, when they were fed, and how long the feeding was – but it’s information that’s very important and necessary to keep track of. Hold baby in one hand and your iPhone in the other, and you no longer need to worry about scribbling out times and dates. This app is a bit pricier though, at $7.99.

Baby Tracker: Diapers – Just like the nursing app of the same name, this app will let new moms record their babies wet and dirty diapers. Not a pleasant job, but someone’s got to do it. This app not only lets you record the date, time, and number of dirty and wet diapers, but also other symptoms that you might notice, and even lets you add your own notes! This one’s a little cheaper than the Nursing app too, at only $1.99.

Contractions – Truly an app that will make life (especially one entering into it) much, much easier! This app lets any woman record her contractions, from the exact starting time to the exact ending time. Never have you been able to give your doctor such accurate information! And, not only is this one of the best apps for expectant mothers, it’s also one of the cheapest at $0.99!

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  1. Love the lists! Let me just add Intuition aka “mom’s personal assistant” ( It is a free task management app that is currently assisting my chaotic schedules and helping me not to forget each of them. At times days can be crazy so I appreciate the reminders and alerts.

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