Shazam App Gets Update for iPhone and iPod Touch

It seems as though the Shazam app for the iPhone and iPod Touch is one of the first to totally reinvent itself to be more compatible with the new iPhone 4 and the new iPod Touch 4. This app has just released an updated version, and users – especially users of one of the newest gadgets – will find major differences.

One of the first things that users will most likely notice is that the Shazam app now has retina display – just like the iPhone 4 and the Touch 4. So when you’re using it, everything will be that much crisper and clearer. And use it you will, because this app will now let you do just about anything. To start with, you can use functions such as “Tag on Start Up”, a “Discover” feature, and more information on artists than you’ve ever had before. Also, you’ll be able to browse and buy right from iTunes through the app. So there’s no more closing apps to go back into iTunes, only to have to load up Shazam again once you’re done. Now, Shazam truly is your one-stop-shop. Plus, there’s also a shortcut icon so you can zoom through the app with speed and ease.

When Shazam decided to get an update, the developers really did seem to think this one through, although there has been some criticism about some of the features that first came with the app, and now have been taken away. But, when you consider that you can upgrade to Shazam Encore or Shazam RED for a mere $3, and from right within the app, then it’s still not a bad deal. You can start out by downloading the new, upgraded version of the free Shazam app here.

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