Quick Review of the Week: Spend Budgeting Application

The quick review of the week is a weekly or bi-weekly review of an application that has been of great use to me and that I think is worth some acknowledgment outside of a full review. This week, the app I chose is Spend.

Spend has been an application that I have had on my iPhone since 2008, and is probably one of the handiest apps available on the iPhone.

Spend is simply this: what you spent on items in the week. It is simply a budget application for the iPhone that allows you to create different expense categories and add items into the specific categories. You can set daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly budgets for each category and keep track of them all on an easy to navigate main screen. This allows you to have categories such as “Weekly coffee” where you can limit yourself to $10 a week for buying coffee, or a monthly expense account for gas where you can have a $200 limit.

Spend has evolved over every version of the app, the first iteration was pretty basic and had some hiccups, but the author has been very good in adding features to his application and keeping the feature list up to date with other iPhone budgeting applications available in the App Store.

I will give Spend a 4/5 rating, the great features don’t make up for the iPhone’s limitations on this one, a lack of desktop sync and data portability make me beg for more.

Check out this video review of the application at work and for a great idea on how the process of inputing data is very painless.

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