Apple to make Smart Keyboards

Apple is one of those companies that seems to always be reinventing the way that we do things and they have shown us examples of how they have changed the world for better in the iPad and the iPhone as well as many other fantastic devices. Of course, Apple hasn’t stopped just because they have had success with existing products and there is now talk of Apple developing smart keyboards that will have built in proximity sensors as well as providing tactile feedback to the user.

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The rumour comes after Apple filed yet another fresh patent in the US that was named “Input devices and methods of Operation”. In the patent, Apple talks about the disadvantages of having smaller and slimmer keyboards and how it takes away the compelling typing experience for the user. They say that by having smaller and smaller keyboards out there, people will sense a tactile limitation in the typing process which is caused by the keys not travelling quite as far when they are pressed.

Apple being an innovative company thinks that they have come up with a solution to this by having proximity sensors in each key. This will mean that the computer is then able to tell when a key is hit and as well as this, Apple plans to make air flow from the key in order to be pleasurable for the user. There is also talk of different temperatures for the air.

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