Simple iOS trick To Control Keyboard Cursor

Simple iOS trick To Control Keyboard, A detail in iOS has been that it’s difficult to move the text cursor, for example, to correct a spelling mistake. Even though there is a magnifying glass for a long time, it will still be bitter because the precision of the fingers is quite a box.

If you updated the operating system on your iPhone or iPad, you can take advantage of Apple’s new feature to control the text cursor. It has become much smoother and you get good precision, even if you, like the undersigned, suffer from the combination of clumsy fingers and eyes that passed 40 years.

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ios Control Keyboard Cursor

When you previously had to correct a bug in a text, you needed to move the cursor to the word in question. It requires good patience, because it can be clear pillay. And if you manage to move the cursor correctly, you happen to be sure to mark the whole word.

You can still use this old method to edit text. But if you just want to move the text cursor, there’s now a much better solution.

Simply hold your finger anywhere on the onscreen keyboard on your iPhone or iPad. The second after, all characters disappear from the buttons and the keys become gray. Now you can use the keyboard’s surface to control the text cursor.

It works in the same way as a mouse pad. The finesse is simple and clever and allows you to move around your cursor in the text. When you release your finger from the keyboard, it returns to contain letters.

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