Keyboard Tips for the iPod Touch

Due to its sleek and magnificent design, the iPod Touch can’t possibly have a regular QWERTY keyboard complete with keys and all the tap-tap-tappin. Instead, those geniuses at Apple have included the touch keyboard feature, where users can simply tap the keys on the touch screen to type whatever’s needed. However, just like all other features on all other devices, this one comes with some annoyances and nuisances. Here’s how to customize your iPod Touch keyboard so it’s less annoying and let’s you enjoy it the way it should be!

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Start by going to the Settings icon on the iPod Touch Home screen and tap on it. Then select “General.” Find “Keyboard” towards the bottom of the list, tap on it, and you’ll be given a wide variety of options.

The “Auto-Correction” feature is turned “On” by default and will automatically correct commonly misspelled words, such as the spell check in Microsoft Word does. However, this can become irritating if you use a lot of slang so many people like to turn it off. “Auto Capitalization” is much like Auto-Correction but it will insert a capital letter in place of a small letter when it feels necessary. Again, it today’s world of texting and computer lingo, this can be frustrating so it’s one people commonly customize and turn off.

“Enable Caps Lock” does just that and is only useful if you plan on typing a lot of text in capital letters. It comes in the “Off” position by default. The “Shortcut” feature on the iPod Touch keyboard is a pretty nifty little one. Instead of always adding a period at the end of your sentence, you can just space a couple of times and the keyboard will automatically add it in. This default comes in the “On” position because, how cool is that?

The last option is the International Keyboard and it will supply you with a list of countries with associated languages that you may need to type in. All of these will be listed as “Off”, except for the country’s language of your choice.

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