How to Create Code Signing Certificates in Apple Developer Program?

Do you want to be an application developer for Apple devices? If yes, then you need to know how important the Code Signing Certificate is in the Apple Developer Program. A Code Signing Certificate is a way to sign your application and provide identity to Apple users and operating systems that the application is safe and valid.

Since it is the core of Apple application development, here we will tell you the basics of how to get a Code Signing Certificate in the Apple Developer Program. But you have to consider that Apple sometimes updates their rules and requirements. So make sure you also update to read the latest news.

What is Code Signing Certificates?

How to Create Code Signing Certificates in Apple Developer Program

A code signing certificate is an essential tool for software developers and publishers to guarantee the authenticity and integrity of their applications. It provides end-users with assurance that the source code of an application has not been tampered with since the last time it was signed by the company.

To install an application on users’ devices or submit it to the App Store, it must first be signed with a digital certificate issued by the platform provider, such as Apple. Code signing certificates can generally be classified into two categories: development and distribution certificates.

A development certificate for iOS is necessary for creating a development provisioning profile, while a distribution certificate is required for creating a distribution provisioning profile. These certificates play a crucial role in ensuring that the application being developed is legitimate and trustworthy, providing a layer of security for end-users.

What is the use of a code signing certificate?

Apart from providing end-users with assurance about the authenticity and integrity of an application, code signing certificates also help in preventing malware and other malicious software from being distributed to end-users. With the increasing number of cyber-attacks and data breaches, it has become crucial for software developers and publishers to ensure the security of their applications.

Code signing certificates play a vital role in ensuring that the application being developed is legitimate and trustworthy. By verifying the authenticity of the code, it helps in preventing unauthorized modifications, tampering, or distribution of the code. This, in turn, helps in promoting trust in the software being used and provides a secure and reliable user experience.

Therefore, it is essential for software developers and publishers to obtain code signing certificates and use them in their development and distribution process to ensure the security and trustworthiness of their applications.

How to generate code signing certificate for apple

1. Join Up for Apple Developer Program

The first step of your journey in developing an App is you have to sign up for the Apple Developer Program. The program is actually not free, there you have to pay a subscription fee. It is 99 USD for individuals and 299 USD for enterprises.

To join the Apple Developer Program, you can just simply visit the Apple Developer website. There you will see the steps and all the requirements. Once you successfully register yourself, log in to your account the start the process of making a Code Signing Certificate.

2. Make A Certificate Signing Request (CSR)

Before making the Code Signing Certificate, first you must make a Certificate Signing Request or also known as CSR. CSR is needed to generate the Code Signing Certificate. To create a CSR , you can do it via Keychain Access on your Mac. Since it is a very important file, make sure to keep the CSR in a safe place.

3. Create The Code Signing Certificate

Once you have a CSR, you can start creating a Code Signing Certificate. Here are the steps:

  • First, log into your account, select “Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles,”
  • Select “Certificates.”
  • Then, click the plus “+” button to add a new Certificate
  • Select “Code Signing” as the type of certificate you want to create.
  • Next, select the CSR that you created earlier
  • After you select a CSR, you will need to verify your information, such as your name and email address.
  • Last step, complete the process of creating a Code Signing Certificate and download it from the Apple Developer website

It is not the end of the steps. You still need to check whether your certificate works or doesn’t work.

4. Try Your Code Signing Certificate

After the Code Signing Certificate is ready and downloaded, you have to install it on your computer and try it first. Here are the steps:

  • Open the Certificate file you’ve downloaded and follow all directions carefully.
  • Be sure and read all instructions to ensure successful installation.
  • An incorrect installation process can create problems with signing your application.
  • Wait until the Certificate has been properly installed and you can use it to authenticate your app.

It’s essential to observe the Apple Developer Program guidelines and protocols when obtaining a Code Signing Certificate. This is to make sure that your application is reliable and secure.


We trust this guide has been beneficial if you’re striving to be an app developer. Good luck and always remember to stick to the Apple Developer Program guidelines and procedures when dealing with the Code Signing Certificate.

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