Air Miles Reward Program App for iPod Touch

If you’re an Air Miles collector, and are tired of trying to keep track of all those long statements they send you, and trying to remember which retailers in your neighborhood offer Air Miles, there’s now an easy way to keep track of everything related to your Air Miles. That’s with the Air Miles Reward Program app for the iPod Touch. Not only will it tell you your balance, and give you a list of the businesses where you can collect even more Air Miles, but it’s also filled with tons of other great features!

Once you open up the app, your account number will be listed right there on the Home Screen so you’ll always have easy access to it and won’t have to close out of the app to open up another notes app to find out what your account number is, and then have to go back into the app. Talk about a bother! Nope, the developers have just put it right there on the first screen you see so more digging for your info.

This app is also equipped with GPS technology so not only can it find your location, but it can also instantly bring up the locations of all the Sponsors around you. Those Sponsors of course, are retailers and businesses that let you collect Air Miles. And not only will it bring up all of those Sponsors, but it will also tell you what special deals on Air Miles those Sponsors have. So if you’re shopping for an electric toothbrush, you can find out that a certain retailer is offering one that will allow you to collect 500 Air Miles! Now that makes it easy!

And because Air Miles are all about getting you more for your money, this app is offered completely free. Download it from iTunes here.

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