Apple to become World’s Largest Company

Apple is already pretty well known and there are millions of people all around the world that own one of their products. Over the last few years, Apple has been going from strength to strength with their latest and most innovative products yet such as the iPhone and the iPad device. Apple is currently thought to be the second largest company in the world and it is thought that by the end of next year, Apple could actually become the largest company in the world.

It is thought that over the next year, Apple will see even more success and they will become even wealthier, making them the largest company in the world. It is thought that eh success of Apple is mainly down to their latest devices like the Apple iPhone 4 and iPad which have been a huge hit with consumers. Apple managed to explore a market that had previously not really existed with the Apple iPad and with more innovations lined up for the year ahead, their presence is expected to dominate even more.

It is thought by analysts that the share price of the Apple Company will actually rise around 32 percent over the next year which will cause the market value of the company to hit around £269.5 billion. This will push them into the lead as the largest company in the world, beating the current leader; Exxon Mobil, an oil company.

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