Apple – Samsung Battle Continues in Australia

It seems that the Apple Samsung War is on its peak. What will happen to these two companies after this battle? Who will survive? Who will fall? It’s like when this ends someone would have to give way and lose billions of profit. If this would not end anytime soon, wouldn’t they lose the same amount anyway?

Apple Samsung War in Australia

This is the case in Australia. The sun is shining brighter on Apple over Australia. Samsung is not the only company that Apple has a war with. It also filed lawsuits against Motorola, however when Motorola ended when it was bought by Google, Motorola lost its power, and Apple would lose its mighty name if it would continue picking on the weak. So it’s ended. Samsung is still strong enough to continue. We have seen last week that it’s doing everything just to move on with the battle. It’s not going to lose in vain. They have strategically partnered with Microsoft to gain better power that they could use on their fight with Apple.


Don’t take the fight too seriously though. Samsung and Apple, though enemies in this aspect also share a positive relationship when it comes to other things. It’s just that Apple wants their one hundred percent claim over their creation which coincidentally matches the creations of Samsung.

The fight is international hence it affects the sales of both of the companies world wide. It also entails certain powers over each. Let’s go back to Australia. Of course, like what has already been said, concerns international sales, which involves the ones in Australia as well. Because of the lawsuit, Samsung’s newest product releases have been postponed over and over again, that one would start to think, will it ever be released?

As an answer, Samsung is now calling for the ban of the release of Apple’s newest iPhone, the iPhone 5. This case is not limited to Australia as it could be the same in other countries. This war will not be over anytime soon. We could expect more in the future. More and more now that Samsung is predicted by experts to overcome Apple this year or the next.

Polls and researchers say that Samsung has a great tendency to topple Apple over its thrown of monopolizing the smartphone industry. If Samsung continues what it is doing now, it sales could increase more than Apple’s as their increase in sales is bigger than Apple’s.

What does the future hold for both of the companies? No one will ever know. Only time will tell who will be reigning in the end. In order to continue its reign Apple must develop products of the same quality as their current gadgets but in cheaper packages. Samsung in turn should keep their prices as they are but improve on their quality, with the same level as Apple’s; not to mention coming up with new features that don’t look like Apple’s features. Once they have done this, then maybe, just maybe, Apple would leave them alone anymore and it’s going to be a win-win situation for all.

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