iPhone 4 User Guide

New owners of the snazzy iPhone 4 are no doubt still in awe over what their new and shiny little device can do for them. Make calls, send emails, look at pictures and videos, and even snap pics with the built-in camera. Oh and the apps! Please, please let’s not forget the apps! But, if you’re completely new to the wonderful world of Apple devices, even something as simple as sending an email might be enough to send you into chaos. Luckily, Apple has now put their iPhone 4 User Guide online. So whatever your question is, you can get the answer to it right away – wherever you are!

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The iPhone 4.0 User Guide can be found at http://manuals.info.apple.com/en_US/iPhone_iOS4_User_Guide.pdf. The entire PDF document is a whopping 244 pages long, and covers everything from placing photos onto your iPhone, emailing from your device, reading iBooks on your iPhone, and of course, it will tell you how to set it all up from beginning to end, and your very first sync!

The Apple iPhone 4 User manual pdf is done very well and is laid out in a simple, easy to understand format. It truly does cover everything you could ever possibly want to know about your iPhone 4, and maybe even some things that you didn’t even know you wanted! The user guide probably won’t be needed by many who have previously owned an iPod or iPhone device but it is especially useful for those who have never owned an Apple device before. And, while the user guide does mostly remain specific to the iPhone 4, there’s also some sections that deal with the iPhone 3G. If any of the sections only pertain to the iPhone 4 specifically, they state so at the top of the section. 

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Check out the iPhone 4 user guide and find out just how to make the most out of your iPhone 4!