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Phil Schiller, the man who took the over the helm when Steve Jobs was out on leave this past year, recently talked to the New York Times about his favorite iPhone Apps.

Schiller’s top pick was Shazam, an app that Apple has showcased before because of the apps unique ability to listen to music on the radio for example and tell you what song it is and where you can buy it.

The two iPhone games that Phil Schiller is currently playing is the new first person shooter Eliminate from ngmoco (another company that has been highlighted by Apple) and the other game is GeoDefense, which the publisher explains as “Something exciting and new in the Tower Defense genre!” The game has a neon art-style with a lot of color and action on the screen.

He also uses many sports apps, including At Bat, NBA Game Time, and ESPN ScoreCenter.

Other apps that Schiller has on his iPhone are CNN, Facebook (weird, no MySpace App?), and Best Camera, an app that enhances and helps iPhone users take better photographs with the iPhone.

It’s always interesting to see what Apps others have on their phone, much like the celebrity playlists that iTunes occasionally puts out, but sadly Schiller has all the basics and nothing new that most people haven’t heard of already.

Here is a list to all the apps Senior Vice President Schiller has on his iPhone:

[Via The New York Times]

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