iPhone 4S vs iPhone 4

Now that the iPhone 4S has been with us for a while it’s been long enough to weigh up whether or not it’s worthy upgrading to the newer Apple handset, or simply to stick to the original iPhone 4. After all, with these smartphones coming with a hefty price tag, it can often be a better bet to stick with what you’ve got.

However, the iPhone 4S does have some differences worth considering…


The overall appearance of the updated phone really isn’t that noticeable with very little in the way of change that would set it apart from the iPhone 4. So if you’re worried about looks alone then it may be worth avoiding the new model altogether, although it may also be a perfect time to get yourself a nice new white version.

Wireless and data capabilities

If you’re expecting any big changes in this area then think again, as the iPhone 4S is essentially setup to work in pretty much the same fashion as its earlier relative. However, the new phone works well no matter where you take it and the improved Bluetooth 4.0 capabilities add some degree of value too.

Power and battery life

Smartphones are always faced with challenges on the power front, simply because they use quite a lot of energy during daily duties. However, the iPhone continues to be pretty good in this area. There’s not much change here either, although the 4S promises 200 hours on standby while the previous model actually fares slightly better with up to 300 hours.


There’s not much to differentiate the two Apple phones when it comes down to the screen, as it’s basically the same viewing area of 3.5-inches and with a resolution remaining the same too at 960 x 640. Nevertheless, this is as good on the eyes as it ever was and therefore, if it ain’t broke, why fix it?

Camera and video

Many owners of older iPhone models moan about the camera and it’s an area where there are some distinct improvements. This time out the 4S came with an 8-megapixel AF with flash and an f2.4 aperture, along with VGA at 30fps on the secondary camera. Video, meanwhile is now 1080p at 30fps, so it’s better on both counts compared to the iPhone 4.


Of course, a significant area of improvement is mainly down to the software considerations for the iPhone 4S, which thanks to iOS 5 makes it an even better phone than ever. In fact, Apple boasts some 200 new features overall that made the handset a much more enjoyable experience. The user-friendless of this phone speaks for itself.


The Apple iPhone 4S does perform rather better than it’s earlier incarnation and that’s largely thanks or the dual-core Apple A5 processor contained inside. This is as opposed to the old A4 processor in the previous model. It’s much better at dealing with graphics and performance is notably slicker as a result.

So, all in all then, it’s a great phone but you’d really have to be a total fan or have some spare cash around to justify an instant upgrade.

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