Common iPhone Problems

What Are The Common iPhone Problems?
There is certainly no perfect phone in the market. Various consumers have various wants and needs in a phone. For most people, what happens is that the features that they are looking for can be found in two different phones.

The iPhone from may be one of the most advanced mobile phones there is in the market. However, this gadget is not free from problems. There are some problems in iPhone that you may not notice upon first use but there certainly are. But, of course, that depends on the person using the gadget. There is some kind of battle going on though between the owners and the non-owners for owners are now claiming that the non-owners are trying to tell people online about the common iPhone problems when they do not even own an iPhone themselves. This has yet to be proven though.

However, sticking to the facts, owners have listed some of the common iPhone problems that they have encountered so far. For some people, the software that the iPhone uses can be quite slow. But ‘slow’ is a subjective description. So we have to test that one first though. Another common iPhone problem is the inability of a user to send a photo or image via MMS. The only option you would have would be to send the photo or image through an email.

These common iPhone problems are quite small though compared to other phones’ problems which could include breakdown of the whole phone. Now that would not be a pretty site.

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  1. I bought an ipod touch 4G and the keyboard won’t turn sudeways! Someone help me with this please??? Thank youuuuu!

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