iOS 5.0.1 – The inability to do untethered jailbreak

Apple released iOS 5.0.1 for iDevice’s owners, the new version of operating system blocking the exploit used by Charlie Miller to run unsigned code in iOS but improving the battery life for each owner. Also Dev Team said that from iOS 5.0.1 to iOS 5 we can not make downgrade, if Apple does not sign SHSH’s because saved SHSH in Cydia/PC not help us with anything right now.

Apple in iOS 5 practically changed the restore procedure and now iTunes check SHSH for iOS just as check SHSH for baseband. These new SHSH are generated randomly when we do restore and here comes the problem because we can not use such a SHSH for several restores. Dev Team will try to find a way to downgrade at iOS 5 but meanwhile those who need have untethered jailbreak should remain in the old version of the operating system.

Although iOS 5.0.1 solve many problems and many iPhone 4S owners need it, Dev Team stubbornly remain at iOS 5 for that so they were able to exploit. If you need untethered jailbreak on any iPhone, iPhone or iPod Touch then stick at iOS 5 because you can not do downgrade in a few days. At this point you can download iOS 5, you can open iTunes and holding SHIFT button (Option key on Mac), by clicking on the Restore button of iTunes and choosing ipsw of iOS5 you can downgrade without problems.

Unfortunately Apple will sign SHSH for iOS 5 for just 2 – 3 days so I recommend you do downgrade fast. After passing these days you can not does downgrade until Dev Team will find a method that will allow us to do so. Since the Dev Team recently did something useful for the jailbreak community, and you must think that this solution of downgrade could not come back.

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