Fixing Audio Problems On Your iPad

Fixing Audio Problems On Your iPad – One of the many features of the iPad is the ability to play multimedia files. You can even say that the origins of the iPad, is not just playing any type of file, but playing audio. If you can still remember, the iPad revolution actually started with the iPod that evolved into the iPhone which evolved to become the iPad that we know today.

However. even if the audio is one of the most basic files and function of the iPad, our beloved tablet still screw up every once in a while. Most of the time, it’s not even the files themselves but the iPad’s audio capability in general, or its ability to play sounds! Have you ever experienced when you have already plugged out your headphones, and still there’s no sound?

How To Fix Audio Problems On iPad

The first thing that you could do to fix audio problems on ipad is to try out the two resets. First, there’s the soft reset. This just requires you to hold down the Slaap/Wake button until a red slider appears. Do what is says to power off. If upon turning on, the iPad’s sound is still not returning, then let’s try the hard reset. This has the same procedure with the soft reset, only this time, you’re going to hold down the Home button as well, together with the Sleep/Wake.

If, for some reason, your ipad audio is not functional yet, then let’s check the settings, shall we? Maybe we have pushed a button somewhere that disabled the sounds of our tablet. Sometimes, the sound even goes away for some functions only. You can watch movies and listen to music with sounds but not while playing games, and while using other functions. If this is the case, then you might have some of your audio settings muted. Just go to your settings, then choose General. Next, select “Use Side Switch To Set To” , and finally select “Mute”.

Now that you have finally set your Mute settings, it’s going to be easier for you to “unmute” as well, right? I hope this simple tips to fix audio problem on ipad could work to you. Good luck!

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