5 Best Free iTunes Alternative List

Best Free iTunes Alternative List

If you are searching for an absolute top of the line software that can manage iPod applications then the Apple created ITunes software for MAC PCs is it. There are many capabilities of this application. Among them are the ability to permitting access to the online store for iTunes, syncing files including photographs to iPod, as well as playing video and audio tracks. There are other functions not named here.

To the novice, this software can be a little difficult to use; but that does not negate the fact that it has any benefits as well. So, if this happens you should look at the best free iTunes alternative. That is exactly what this article is about. You will be able to review some of best free iTunes alternative.

best free itunes alternative

Let us start out of the best free itunes alternative list with Amarok. IPod users actually prefer this over many other alternatives for music management. Amarok handles music management of a vast assortment of transferable amusement devices like USB MP3 players, iPod, Creative MP3 players as well as iRiver. This free iTunes alternative application comes to you free of cost and its interface is very comparable to Apple iTunes.

Another iTunes alternative is SharePod. A lot of the features that can be found in iTunes are incorporated in Sharepod. It is another kind of digital music management software. It is very convenient in that you can have it running on an iPod and use it from that. The data from your iPod can be backed up and files can be deleted or added as well. Sharepod is another good free iTunes alternative.

The Froddle Pod has some great features; they are quite interesting. It comes with the option to format also as well as the traditional music management features. You will also be able to restore files, do data backup, convert files from wav to MP3 format, do audio ripping as well as normalize music. The downside is that it runs only on a Windows platform.

The best alternatives to iTunes also include Banshee. It is quite popular also. It is one of the applications that are supported on media players for the Creative ZEN, iPods in addition to Android gadgets. It won’t work on a Windows platform but on the Linux and MAC OS X. you will be able to use its podcasting as well as radio streaming features.

Another iTunes alternative is aTunes. You probably will have a problem differentiating it from the iTunes app, as they are so identical. It allows you to use quite a few features that include file normalization, tag editing, Internet radio, equalizer, multiple playlist management, file statistics, drag-drop function, karaoke, as well as CD ripping. Plus the colors of the interface are changeable.

Well, there are some other good free itunes alternative to try such as: CopyTrans Manager, Media Monkey, Winamp, Songbird, Floola, YamiPod, Cog, and Footbar2000.

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