Top 10 Free iPod Touch Apps That Make Life Easier

Top 10 Free iPod Touch Apps That Make Life Easier

The ipod Touch has been one of the hottest trends in mobile wifi devices. A gadget from Apple, the iTouch is much more than your standard iPod. Not only does it offer the music download and storage like previous models, it is essentially the equivalent of an iPhone without the “phone” feature. One of the best perks to owning this little device is the ability to get some of the best paid and free ipod apps available on the market. Some of these paid and free apps for ipod touch will even allow you to essentially convert your iTouch into an internet and phone-ready device. Here is a list of the top ten free ipod touch apps to be found that make your life easier.

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This app allows two people to trade contact info simply by using Bluetooth. Literally, all you have to do is bump the other person’s iTouch with yours (preferably a fist bump without the devices actually touching), and contact info is instantly traded. No more time consuming and awkward info exchange necessary.


Skype is a free app for phone, text, or video chat. If your iTouch is a model that has a microphone and camera, then you can do video chat from your iTouch. This app also allows you to make super cheap international or local calls to landlines. It works by combining internet and phone into a VoIP service. While Skype does have some issues- mainly with call quality- you can’t argue with free, and the face-to-face video chat is fairly awesome in itself. It is a great tool for staying in touch with long distance friends or family, and a favorite of military families as well. There are other companies that offer nearly the same service, but Skype seems to be the favorite, hands down.

Mobile Google

This is the quick, one-touch access to your Google calendar, email, and maps. It is even voice activation capable (for mic-enabled devices). Just tell your iTouch what you’re looking for, and Google fetches it and displays it on your screen, pronto.

The Weather Channel

The free Weather Channel app service is literally just like the weather channel, only mobile on your iTouch. It shows you the current weather and the forecast for your immediate area at any time of the day. Never get caught out in a storm again!


One of the most amazing apps available, Shazam can instantly recognize any music. Hear a song at a club or when out and about that you want the info on? Simply hold up your iTouch, and Shazam will recognize the song, and provide you with artist, title, and even album information. A genius invention!


This is one of the handiest apps available for commuters of train services. It offers train times, offline planning, timetables, location awareness, even a “next train home” function. It is invaluable for those who travel by train often. This app is one of the best time savers available.


Access all of your messages, notifications, chats, and newsfeeds while on the go. The newest version is incredibly streamlined and easy to use and makes staying in touch exceptionally easy. Not to mention the easier formatting for check-ins and location tagging that it now offers.


Another of the most popular social networking sites, this free app allows for instant and easy tweeting while on the move. See all your retweets, @mentions, and check your inbox as well. Truthfully, this mobile app is easier to use than the website’s full page layout as seen from a computer.


This free app is a fantastic music program. You can set up stations of tunes that closely match your favorite artist, album, or song. You can also partake in the easier method of their streaming option. Tell Pandora what kind of music you like or want to hear and it will provide you with a continuous stream of music in your favorite genre.

Thomson Reuters News Pro

Granted, there are a lot of free news apps available. This one however is something like the jewel in the free app for news category. It offers late breaking news, daily headlines, pictures, videos and current stock market coverage. In addition, you can also fix the app to output in the UK, making this a great find for international users.

The ever expanding market for free apps for ipod touch continues to put out amazing gadgets, functions, and programs for our perusal. While many of the app services charge a one- time up- front fee, this list is proof that there are just as many life-helping tools to be found in the free section. The free downloadable apps are the most popular, and this list is a comprisal of the best and most recommended free ipod touch apps available – so what are you waiting for? Get to the app store on your iTouch and make your life run more simply and with ease! Technology is a beautiful thing.

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