Why Download Free Music for your iPhone when you can STREAM?

When the iPod was released, downloading became a culture for the Americans. A few years in the future, the iPhone was launched then iTunes became popular, but then weakened when people wanted free music downloads. P2P file sharing then became much more common. Then, downloading sites and apps popped out everywhere on the web and became a trend. Then what came next – streaming. Streaming works like a radio, you know, the kind of radio that rapidly became popular during the 1920’s.

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There are two ways on the internet to listen or watch free music and video:

  1. Download the music files to your computer, then put it on your device to play the file later.
  1. Streaming – Streaming means listening to music or watching video in ‘real time’. It’s a progressive download of data, where it is not actually downloaded but is constantly received by the streamer.

Cloud-based streaming Service by Apple

iTunes Radio is Apple’s own  free streaming music service which launched in 2013. Here you can customize your own stations on your iPhone based on what you want to hear. You can choose from a large number of songs, artists or genres but not the songs themselves. All of your stations are stored in iCloud, which then enables you to play your station on another device. It also enables users to easily share/show off their stations via Facebook, Twitter, AirDrop, Mail, and Messages.

Spotify and Apple’s Beats Music

Beats Music was purchased by Apple a year ago. It is by far the smallest streaming service compared to its competitors, no matter what platform. Songs on demand are charged for $9.99 per month which could be one reason why they only have three hundred thousand paid users, according to Apple Insider. However, their competitor Spotify boasts Fifteen Million paid subscribers among its 60 million listeners. Now, there is a rumor that Apple’s Beats Music is expected to change once Apple unveils its new version. Will there be more free music for iPhone users? Well, let’s wait.

A buzz also says that Apple is swaying music labels to remove the free streaming tier on services like Spotify. Billboard magazine also reported that even though Apple still does not have the necessary licensing deals in place, Apple is still expected to announce a new and improved version of Beats on June.Well, if Beats is going to be successful, Apple has to find a way to offer users some kind of free service.

Spotify without a doubt, provides the best free streaming service out there for your iPhone. You’ll have to try their premium service that removes all those annoying ads. You can purchase it for only $0.99 then you’ll have 3 months premium, sounds good enough. After that, you’ll have to pay the normal monthly fee at $9.99. You no longer have to download free music for your iPhone. Good news isbefore the three month subscription ends, Apple’s new service would probably be released.If Apple’s service would be appealing, then you won’t have to regret purchasing premium at Spotify.

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