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Developers are busy day in and day out making new, interactive and more utility applications for iPhone. If you are a gourmet, you can purchase the iPhone application for cooks. Starting from thousand of recipes, to helping you buy the best wine or getting the tips on how to shop responsibly, this application has a host of features that will come to your aid.

Your business requires you to keep track of news on politics, sports, stock market, music, travel or anything else, the TED application (Technology, Entertainment, and Design) lets you do all this and more. For this, you need some good iPhone Business Applications.

You love exploring the world around you. iPhone offers great applications for use by adventurers. Now if this means keeping track of the local climate conditions or exploring the bio diversity of reason or mapping your trekking, cycling or riding route, iPhone apps can be a great utility for such and many more outdoor activities.

Music lovers have access to a host of wonderful iphone music applications that let you change your iPhone into a piano console, lets you compose your own songs, broadcast your favorite music by creating your own radio station or learn to play a host of musical instruments through interactive sessions. Several applications will also let you turn your iPhone into a mini recording studio to compose and record music using several percussion styles and playing your composed tune over various instruments to see what sounds the best.

For art and graphic designer, there are a lot of iphone and ipod touch applications that let you do a variety of photo processing and share your photos online with your family and friends. There are applications to let you stitch various photographs of a panoramic site together to create a 360 degree view of the place.

Fitness freaks can access Nike plus and several other applications that can be downloaded to straight away start measuring the vital statistics of your workout plan like speed, average pace, distance traversed, time, calories burnt ,elevation, latitude , longitude and other workout tracking capabilities.

The iPhone has some very useful tools and applications for the mariners. I phone lets you plot a detailed water chart and then plots out your position on the chart helping you navigate your way.

‘Stargaze’ is another wonderful ipod touch application for budding astronomers and enthusiasts to explore our solar system and its various facets. The application also lets you move too and fro though the time to experience various celestial events.

And if any of the above things appear very difficult to you, there are many video tutorials to make things easy for you. This is just an indicative list of the things that you can do. To browse a large list of features that are available on your iPhone, tap into the featured section of the app store or search the entire application store for something specific that you may require. Browsing through a variety of programs that are available for you to choose from, you can read reviews and articles on each application. These reviews are written by critics and actual users and will help you make an informed purchase decision.

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