White iPhone 4 Spotted in Stephen Fry’s Hands

One of the things that a lot of people have been waiting for is the white version of the iPhone 4 device. Apple has had a lot of problems with the iPhone 4 since it was first released and these problems, coupled with other production problems are what has led the white iPhone 4 device to be delayed for so long. Still, we are yet to see a white iPhone 4 on the shelves but a white iPhone 4 device has been spotted, in the hands of Stephen Fry.

Stephen Fry is well known throughout the world for a variety of TV programmes that he has been involved with as well as a variety of books that he has written. Stephen Fry is said to have shown off the white iPhone 4 device at the T3 gadget awards that were held yesterday and he is said to have shown the phone off by mistake. It is rumoured that the celebrity was simply reaching into his pocked to show off a new Windows 7 Phone that he had, when he actually pulled out the white iPhone 4 device instead. Whether this was intentional is yet to be known but many people saw the device and he is the only known person in Europe to have a white iPhone 4 device.

Many people believe that this iPhone 4 device spotting has given new hope that the device will be released soon whilst others still believe it will be a while.

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