Four Popular IPhone 4 Cases Get Reviewed

Popular iPhone 4 cases. You are the proud owner of the new iPhone 4, but you are needing a case to fix that antenna problem. The front and back are completely glass and also need some protection. No problem. Plenty of new iPhone 4 cases are available. Read about some of the more popular ones here.

The first iPhone 4 case is called the “Gumdrop” case. It is one of the creations of the “Hard Candy Cases”, a company from California. It gets its name from all the little bumps that cover the case. They do not look much like real gumdrops, but even so, you can use your imagination. It features a form fit, light weight, and shock absorption. It does not cover the front of the iPhone 4. It does have cutouts for all buttons and comes in four colors. Get a Gumdrop in blue, black, clear or pink. There are no problems stretching the case around the iPhone 4. It fits well without looseness. The price is $29.95.

The next iPhone 4 case was made by some people who have good powers of creativity. It is called the “Otterbox” and seems very sturdy. It has an inner hard plastic level that is lined with felt to prevent scratching the iPhone 4. The outer part of the Otterbox is silicone and has various locking mechanisms to keep it in place. Some buttons are covered with this case, like the sleep awake buttons. This does not seem to interfere with the functioning of the buttons. Charge ports are also covered with a fold-down flap. The cameras and microphone are all uncovered. The front of the iPhone 4 is covered. For now, one color is available; black. The price on this cover is $49.95.

As many know, the “Bumper” that is offered for free is nearly useless for protecting the iPhone 4. It covers the metal to prevent the device from losing a signal and that is about it. No protection exists for the back or front of the iPhone 4 using a iphone 4 bumper. But, it is free ! Griffin makes a case they call the “Reveal Etch” that is thin, but covers more than just the metal trim. It is a polycarbonate case with rubber sides. It adds a tiny 1.6 millimeters to the size of the iPhone 4. It is created in one piece for strength. The front of the smartphone remains uncovered. This one is $29.99. The price seems a bit high for what you are getting, but those who have this case like it.

When you talk about iPhone 4 cases it is hard not to touch on the Bubbleslider case. This is another case by the “Hard Candy” people. It is a genuine looking case that is popular just by its looks. It is flashy in its chrome and also gold color schemes. It does not cover the front or the buttons of the iPhone 4. Not all the holes line up perfectly for all accessories. The “chrome collection” colors are in gold, black and chrome while the “soft touch” models are white, black, blue, red or pink. Whichever color is chosen, the cases are selling for $34.95.

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