How to Downgrade iTunes?

How to Downgrade iTunes?

Many people with iPhones or iPods want to ‘Jail Break‘ their phone so they can put on what ever free apps they want or change the layout of the device. Some users may find, however, that if they upgrade to the latest version of iTunes it will cause problems on their jail broken iphone. When that situation arises they may ask themselves how to downgrade itunes so they use their jail broken phone. Downgrading iTunes is not an extremely difficult process and as long as you follow the provided instructions you shouldn’t run into any problems.

The basic idea of downgrading itunes is to uninstall the current version of itunes, then download which ever version you are looking for and install that. Once its installed be sure to turn off any options for automatic download or upgrade of iTunes or you’ll find yourself in the same situation again quite quickly.

For windows users asking about downgrading iTunes, they simply go to Control Panel and then to the “Add/Remove Programs” section. Find iTunes in the list and click uninstall or remove. If you see iPod updater app, make sure to remove that as well.

how to downgrade itunes

For Mac OS X users who want to know about itunes downgrade, they can follow these simple instructions using terminal application. Just run the following command:
sudo rm -rf /Applications/
/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/DeviceLink.framework /System/Library/Extensions/AppleMobileDevice.kext /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/iTunesAccess.framework /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/CoreFP.framework /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/MobileDevice.framework

Once you’ve completed uninstalling iTunes from your computer you have to go download the older version which you desire. One of the best places to find old versions of applications is They have virtually ever version of iTunes which has been released so you can choose which one will be suit your needs.

Once you’ve got the older version of the program downloaded just install it using the regular method and follow the on screen instructions. As stated before, make sure you are setting iTunes to NOT automatically upgrade iTunes or you’ll have to start the itunes downgrade process over.

Following this simple process allows you to have which ever version of iTunes you desire so you can use your jail broken iPhone or iPod with no problems. The primary reason people ask how to downgrade itunes is for use with a jail broken device, however, there are some other reasons. Some people just don’t like the newest version of iTunes because it may run poorly on their system or it may have some options which they don’t like. Whatever your reason for asking how to downgrade iTunes, this simple guide will walk you right through the process. Remember, there is nothing illegal about downgrading iTunes or using a jail broken device but jail breaking your device MAY cause problems if it is done improperly so be sure to follow all instructions carefully.

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