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How to fix iPod freezing problems

If your iPod device has freezing problems you may find this list of hints on how to fix iPod freezing problems very useful:

fix ipod freezing problem

  • The first and easiest step is to switch the Hold button on top of it. After switching, wait a few seconds and then turn the button off.

  • Fixing iPod freezing problems could have a more complex routine to some extent. If you press and hold the Menu button as well as the center select button for about 10 seconds, you will restart your iPod. For most iPods this is actually the combo reset button. Some older versions of iPod would use the Manu and Play buttons rather then Menu and Select.

  • Letting the device run out of battery is another way to fix your frozen ip0d. Depending on the battery charge, you could be waiting for a while but this method always works at the end.

  • If you are using iTunes, you can fix iPod freezing problems in another way. It is a simple step by step process. However, in some cases it may take up to 30 minutes. If you have purchased music you will have to back it up. Fixing this  iPod freeze problem with iTunes may lead to loosing all the music on the iPod. You will have to reload it and this is the main drawback and time consumer related to this method.

To reduce the need to fix your frozen iPod, you should take some precautions to escape freezing. Jogging with your iPod is something you should not do. IPod’s HDD is not designed to be used in such an active environment. You should always have this in mind despite all the massive manufacturers’ advertising which tries to convince the customers just the opposite. Here is a useful tip in case you are addicted iPod jogger: mounting the iPod on the upper arm does the trick. You will forget ant issues concerning how to fix iPod freezing problems for good. Happy iPod jogging!

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