How to fix iPod freezing problems

If your iPod device has freezing problems you may find this list of hints on how to fix iPod freezing problems very useful:

fix ipod freezing problem

There are many ways to troubleshoot your iPod frozen problem. One of them is using the most powerful iPod repair tools and methods. There are a lot of different ways to fix frozen iPod problems. But the most common one is to use iTunes to restore your iPod to factory settings. This is the easiest way to restore your iPod to its original factory settings. It may be quite a simple process but it can be quite frustrating if you are not careful. The following are some of the best tips to fix iPod freezing problems. iTunes is a well known application for Apple products. It is the only software that can manage all your music, video, and photos on your iPod. If you are having trouble with your frozen iPod, then you should definitely try to restore it to the factory settings.

How to fix iPod freezing problems

  • The first and easiest step is to switch the Hold button on top of it. After switching, wait a few seconds and then turn the button off.

  • Fixing iPod freezing problems could have a more complex routine to some extent. If you press and hold the Menu button as well as the center select button for about 10 seconds, you will restart your iPod. For most iPods this is actually the combo reset button. Some older versions of iPod would use the Manu and Play buttons rather then Menu and Select.

  • Letting the device run out of battery is another way to fix your frozen ipod. Depending on the battery charge, you could be waiting for a while but this method always works at the end.

  • If you are using iTunes, you can fix iPod freezing problems in another way. It is a simple step by step process. However, in some cases it may take up to 30 minutes. If you have purchased music you will have to back it up. Fixing this  iPod freeze problem with iTunes may lead to loosing all the music on the iPod. You will have to reload it and this is the main drawback and time consumer related to this method.

To reduce the need to fix your frozen iPod, you should take some precautions to escape freezing. Jogging with your iPod is something you should not do. IPod’s HDD is not designed to be used in such an active environment. You should always have this in mind despite all the massive manufacturers’ advertising which tries to convince the customers just the opposite.


Here is a useful tip in case you are addicted iPod jogger: mounting the iPod on the upper arm does the trick. You will forget ant issues concerning how to fix iPod freezing problems for good. Happy iPod jogging!

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  1. my iPod was frozen and flashing screen I try other ways but didn’t not work its was 24 hours I dint know how to fixed thanks for your help ????

  2. My I pod touch 8 gig freezes whenever i put it into my docking station. Displays the white apple sign but remains frozen. How do i fix this problem

  3. Thank you SO much this helped my iPod to unfreeze in seconds!!
    I didn’t know there was a much quicker way than waiting for the battery to run out 🙂

  4. Thanks so much! I was just playing angry birds and all of a sudden it went dark and the screen wiped out besides the time and by the time they’re were mini lines all around it. But I held the top button and the center button for about 20 seconds, then the apple logo came up for about 10/15 seconds. and now it works!(; Thanks so much! I couldn’t imagine having to tell my dad that I broke a 300$ iPod!!

  5. My ipod touch 3rd generation, 64gb froze on the main unlock screen. It has been froze froze for 2 days and the battery is dying at unbareable pace…
    After it I just plug it back into my computer and it’ll be fine or is there something else I have to do?
    Also is there anyway to drain the battery faster without harming the ipod?
    Any help would be great. I’ve only had it a month and if it’s broken already I’m gonna die.

  6. COOOOL. Thanks a bunch. My nano was freezing up between menu selections and not playing music. I held MENU and CENTER SELECT button like you said and it’s all good now. THANKS!

  7. @bill you have to let hold your power botton and hold home button at the same time. hold both until you get a usb cord and the itunes then go to your itunes and it will say restore unknown ipod or so and yes restore it. then if you have backed up your ipod before the freeze happen you can um get your stuff back. 🙂 email me if you want more help [email protected]

  8. my ipod was restarting and it is frozen on the apple screen. it has been frozen for an hour.

    can someone please help!!!!!

  9. “If you press and hold the Menu button as well as the center select button for about 10 seconds, you will restart your iPod.”

    You’re awesome. You saved me so much time from spending trying various ways to unfreeze my iTouch.
    There’s an application I have on my iPod that freezes it if I forget to close it out before I go to bed.
    I need the application so removing it isn’t an option.

    I wouldn’t be able to do anything at all except hit the top button to try and turn it off, but when it would show the slider to shut down, it’d be frozen and I wouldn’t be able to slide the bar.
    The solution to hit that top button along with the bottom, center select button simultaneously worked like a charm! It shut down and I was able to restart it, all without headache.

    Thank you SO much!

  10. Heyy i was on my ipod touch and then it fell asleep. when i pushed the top button it came up with my code screen. i tried to put my code in but the screen was frozen! then i accidentally presses the home button and it took a picture and now my screen is white!! if anybody can help me with this problem i will be SOOOOOOOOO happy. i love my ipod and now i can’t get on it at all!!! PLZ HELP!!! 🙁

  11. My itouch is a first gen, but it one day just basically stopped working and froze. I went to turn it on, and the apple just stays on the screen until the battery dies. There is no way to get around it either.

  12. i putted a passcode to my ipod i was just playing around , and it never asked fo,r it snice i said i didn’t want to put the passcode and so i left it with no battery for a week and NOW IT TELLS ME TO PUT THE PASSCODE and ofcourse i don’t know it ! what should i do??

  13. My ipod freezes up when i turn it on, it brings up the little apple and it freezes up right there, before it started doing this i tried restoring my ipod touch and this is how far it got to.. What Should I Do???

  14. My iPod would always take me back to my main page the I figured out that it was over heating so I just have to blow on it every 5 minutes or so and that seemed to fix the problem

  15. Excellent and straight-to-the-point advice. Your solution worked first time; I just wish I had used the right phrase in my Google-search to find this site sooner!

    Thank you, thank you and thank you. My iPod breathes sexy sounds in my ears once more :o)

  16. my ipod got a frozen problem. When i switch it on, it just displays the loading icon til i switch it off. help please.

  17. I was in the middle of updating my ipod touch swoftware. When imy wife decided she needed the cord to charge her I-pod. Now my ipod is frozen. It just has a picture of a web site I was on a day ago that’s just sitting there. Can anyone help me?

  18. I was in the middle of updating my ipod touch swoftware. When i came back my computer had restarted on its own. This of course did not allow the software upgrade to finish. Now my ipod is frozen. It just has an apple sitting on the screen with a progress bar that’s just sitting there. Can anyone help me?

  19. i have the same version of ipod touch 8g with my friend.this friend helped me to add apps for my we should have the same apps supposed to be but i cannot run or install other apps in my i you know how to fix it?yo thanks..

  20. my screen is frozen on the enlarge setting. do you know how to fix it? your help will be greatly appreciated.

  21. I have an ipod nano 2 generation I think and its not playing the songs or games.I need help!!!!What do I do?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  22. Ok so my itouch 2g has been working fine for a while now, and my brother goes to turn it on today and he said it was lagging really bad, everything was delayed sometimes up to minutes. He restarted it a couple of times, and then it started to flash the apple symbol, and then go white after a minute of the apple symbol every time he restarted it. Now, when you restart it, it does the apple symbol, and actually goes to the home screen, but if you turn it off or open an app, it freezes again and eventually turns white. Does anybody know what to do?

  23. Pookie, That means you have to connect it to itunes, as if the picture wasnt simple enough already. Some of you, who say that when you open an app and i just goes back to the home screen, that means that the app crashed, usually related to an incomplete download, usually something you get when you download from Installous or some of those other jailbroken apps. And if your ipod is jailbroken, and you update it to a new version like 3.1.3, your jailbreak wont support the new version, unless it was made for 3.1.3, or whatever version you updated to. So, if you updated, and your apps and cydia and all that arent working, you have to do a recovery from itunes (reset to factory settings), and then jailbreak it using a newer jailbreak software. If you are version 3.13, use Spirit, it is fast and easy, you click a button on the computer after connecting your itouch or iphone, and its done. Fast, free and easy, i used it on my itouch and it worked like a charm. So yes, there is now finally a jailbreak for 3.1.3 if you were wandering.

  24. so everytime i turn on my itouch i just see the apple sign, it stays lit for a second then it’ll just shut off . . .. any ideas on what to do?

  25. as soon as i turn it on it keep going to a picture that has a usb cord and itunes on and it wont leave

  26. everytime I plug my ipod into my new macbook pro. the damnd thing erases everything off the ipod. when I have restored the settings on the ipod it starts uploading the songs and then it freezes and does not do anything else

  27. I just upgraded my ipod touch to the new 3.1.3 software. After the update, it began to update the ipod with the new software and my music library (there is an apple icon and a status bar). I waited but the status bar has not moved at all in the past eight hours… I forced it to shut off and upon turning it on, I see the same status bar with an apple above it. I can’t get to the main menu, itunes will sync my ipod and tells me I have the updated software but the quarter complete status bar and apple remain, meaning I can’t use my ipod at all. Please let me know anything at all about this, I’m studying abroad and can’t pop into the genius bar for help. Thank you in advance.

  28. thank you thank you!!!! i didnt know about the ipod reset, and up until now, ive been waiting 4 it 2 die…

  29. My ipod touch 32 GB was perfectly fine until from one second to another i disconnected it from my laptop and it went completely black and now it’s dead, it’s been black since thgat moment i don’t know whgat to do can anyone please help me?

  30. My ipod touch 32 GB has frozen 3 times in the one week I have owned it. I have fixed it every time simply by downloading another application. If I don’t really want the application I just delete it later. It works and it’s easy!

  31. Ok, the tip from Carly finally fixed it! It didn’t work when I restored before because I didn’t choose to “set up as new iPod” like the tips say. It took me a while to put all my music and content back in, but it sure beats not having apps. Thanks!

  32. to Dev: Try to hold your power and circle button for 10 seconds it will reset your i-touch. When it show the power off screen do it, then hold both buttons until you see the apple.

    Or try the Tips from Carly here

  33. I’ve had the exact same problem as the 2 people above me ever since I downloaded the latest software update for iPod touch. None of the apps I’ve downloaded work. I even tried restoring the iPod and re-downloading the apps, but the same thing happens, the apps will open for a second and then go back to the main screen. This is really frustrating and ridiculous, as I just got this iPod for Christmas and only got to use my apps for a few days before this happened.

  34. I have the exact same problem.
    The apps I downloaded stopped
    opening last week. They’ll flash open
    for a second and then close. The
    preloaded apps like maps open
    just fine. Let me know if anyone has
    a solution.

  35. What if i have an 2nd Gen 8gb iTouch and when ever i press on the apps it doesnt run, it runs for about 1 second and it goes back into the title screen, can anybody help me ? Email me at [email protected]

  36. HI there…hey I just upgraded my ipod touch to the new 3.1.1 software. After the update, it began to update the ipod with the new software and my music library (there is an applie icon and a status bar). But now some 3 hours later nothing has changed…its frozen? The status bar has not moved more than a quarter of an inch…and the online help suggest that “if it freezes wait longer” which is odd after 3 hours…right?

    Any suggestions?

  37. Hi guys,
    I have a ipod touch, and I have a problem with the “Apple account, I open the app store and then I find free app or game and then I type my apple account and password … and always showed me authorization filed … Let someone help me pls…..

  38. my ipod touch keeps freezing, but i think its cuz after a year the battery is DESIGNED by the manufacturer to BREAK. that way they dont have to replace it, and you’re forced to by a new one which gives them more money. i think that is really underhanded. not everyone can afford 200$ + for a bloody ipod. i sure as hell cant. and trust me, the holding the buttons thing doesnt work. i just let the stupid thing run out of battery, which is a distinct pain in th arse since (at least for me) it usually freezes IMMEDIATELY AFTER CHARGING which means i dont get to use it.

  39. my ipod froze while i was on safari. it freezes a lot and i just wait it off. but this time it didn’t go back as fast as it normally does. so i pressed the home button many times, i held down the power button and nothing happened. i tried the two in a combination and nothing happened. so i waited a few hours and the screen was still the same. so i tried holding the power button down again and it showed the slide to power off arrow and the cancel button underneath. i tried sliding my finger but nothing happened and i tried hitting the cancel button and nothing happened either. the power and home button don’t work either. it’s been on the same screen for more than 13 hours, but i charged it over night because that was the only thing that would work. it says to let the ipod run out of battery, so i am going to try that. if that still doesn’t work, should i call aple? or is there more information i can get on the internet?

  40. my ipod touch is messed up it want even let me put my unlock code in it wat bo i do!!!!!!!!!!

  41. My iPod touch has been acting up when it is playing music in shuffle mode. While I am listening it will suddenly freeze up and go black eventually changing to the home screen. What is going on? Is there a way to fix it? I am toying with the idea of just deleting all the songs and going from there…..

  42. I bought games for iPod touch and it won’t let my play anything it goes back to the main menu



  45. Really helpful, had a bad apple which kept freezing on me. All good now. Thanks for the info.

  46. geez… this was really so helpful… I thought my Ipod will be gone forever… thanks a lot!!!

  47. my ipod touch isn’t working the screen is completely white and i can;t turn it on and i don’t know what to do if anyone has any advice that would help i would greatly appreciate it thanks in advance…

  48. I had an iPod with freezing problems. FYI, just goto and they’ll take care of you. Great service and they fixed the problem. Mine was a bad battery.

    I tried doing everything in the article but it didn’t work. Some freezing problems apparently are hardware related.


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