How to install on iPhone cracked applications

First of all read the information about AppSync. It goes on firmware 3.0 and makes your work much easier. After installing AppSync you will need to follow the next steps.

The steps from below are valid only with a firmware lower than 2.2!

Crack applications can be .app or ipa. and we will do the second category. Are easy to install, you will have less to “hack” and if you need to do a restore you will have it all in iTunes and put them back immediately.

This tutorial is for those who have a classic iPhone with firmware 2.0+, iPhone 3G or iTouch jailbreaked. The steps from below will help you to install the applications from the AppStore without pay any money.

If you seem that the terms from below are foreign and have no meaning, it’s better to let it go because you risking to remain without a phone. You need a minimum of knowledge to follow the steps.

Step 1: Login via SSH into the iPhone. The risk is high. Unless you know what to do it is better to not follow this tutorial.

You will need to go to the folder / System / Library / PrivateFrameworks  / MobileInstallation.framework/

Step 2: Make a back-up file “MobileInstallation”, just in case.

Step 3: copy the document “MobileInstallation” that you downloaded above from the folder:  “/ System / Library / PrivateFrameworks / MobileInstallation.framework” and set the document permissions to 775.

Step 4: Go to the root at folder “Applications” and set permission to 777.

Step 5: Go to the folder “/ private / var / mobile / Applications /” and create a new folder called “Documents” (obviously without quotes). Set the new folder permissions to 777.

Step 6: Go to Root, in the Applications folder and create a new folder called “Documents”. Then set the new folder permissions to 777.

Step 7: Get a reboot to the iPhone / iPod Touch and then download a free application from AppStore to see if everything goes OK.

Step 8: Download the applications .ipa from torrents or net.

Step 9: Open iTunes, go to the Applications folder and then go to File -> Add File to Library and then select the applications .ipa downloaded earlier that you want to put in your phone.

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