Lightsaber Unleashed app for the iPod Touch

Who doesn’t love Star Wars? And who doesn’t think that one of the coolest things about the movie saga is those awesome lightsabers that are always being drawn for an all-out duel? You’ve always dreamt about owning one, and now you can, with the Lightsaber app for the iPod Touch.

The Lightsaber app will actually draw out a lightsaber for you, and place it back in its place when you’re through using it. But that won’t be for awhile, because this app is so cool that you’ll be killing countless hours of time with it. The app fully uses the Touch’s external speakers, so you get all kinds of cool sound effects and music when you’re swinging your lightsaber around. Plus, you can even choose what that music is, and what voices you want for the sound effects. So you really can play with it differently every time you use it.

You can even change the screen to full-screen mode so that it’s all you see and you actually feel like you’re holding a lightsaber! Well, let’s not get dramatic, but it’s as close to the real thing as you’re probably going to get. And, when you do want to play, just how do you do that? Easily, just swing your iPod Touch around in whichever direction you want to throw the most destruction! Your lightsaber will zip, glide, and cut through the air and will make all of those extra cool sounds!

This app can be downloaded onto the first generation iPod Touch. Of course, because this Touch wasn’t made with external speakers, you won’t get all the sound effects and music. But, you’ll probably still think it’s a pretty cool app! Download it here.

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