Top 15 Free iPhone Apps

Top 15 free iPhone apps., The title of this article could also have been the best 15 iphone applications that you still don’t have because you didn’t know they were free. However, that would be too long. So, instead, the title is how it is. Anyway, as a matter of fact, there are amazing apps out there for free. Under amazing I mean iphone apps that you’ll want to use every single day and won’t be able to live without them.

Here for the list of 15 Top Free iPhone Apps:

1. RunKeeper (free version). It uses the GPS capabilities of your iPhone to keep track of your running – or walking – performance. It tells you your speed, the distance ran, the calories burnt, and the route chosen. It also allows to share your details online with other runners.

2. Stanza. If you associate e-books with Kindle, think again. There are more competitors in the market. One of them is Stanza. It can grab e-books from several sources (many are free), manage your e-book list and keep track of your reading.

3. Skype. This iphone app is definitely a must have for anyone. Unless you can spend tons of money on phone bills, you need Skype to cut your costs down. It works pretty fine with the iPhone. As long as you have a good Internet connection, the sound quality is almost like a cell-phone call.

4. Reuters News Pro. Contrary to what the name suggests, this app is free. And it will keep you updated about the news topics you choose, about the regions that you choose. A perfect news ticket.

5. PCalc Lite. If you need more from a calculator than your embedded calculator, then go with this app. It has hundreds of functions to play with.

6. Around Me. This app for iphone and ipod touch uses the GPS to indicate interesting stuff near you: gas stations, banks, shops, museums. It is perfect to explore a new city and has even a bubbling dating platform, for random dates.

7. FlashLight. This free iphone app transform your iPhone into a, well, flashlight.

8. iBooks. As the name suggests, this is an iTunes for e-books.

9. IM+. It integrates all you instant messaging platforms into one.

10. Dropbox. This is the easiest way of interchanging files between a computer and an iPhone. As the name suggests, you just drop the file into a box (a folder, obviously) and that makes it available for your other devices.

11. Find My iPhone. If you have lost your iPhone, this app tracks its whereabouts online.

12. Red Laser. The best iphone app to read bar codes and organize the results. Now it is free.

13. Wikipanion. Wikipedia looks crumble, when we take a look at their normal pages through a mobile browser. An alternative that will re-do the layout on the go for your iPhone will allows you to read it without headaches.

14. ebay mobile. Similar to Wikipanion. It adapts content for a mobile device.

15. Shazam. Simply amazing. This app guesses what music is playing in the background.

Those are all of my thought of top Free iPhone Apps, please leave your comment if you have another suggestions.

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  1. Put Angry Birds Free and Angry Birds Rio Free up there! They’re the top apps! It even says it in the market! >.>

  2. I think IHobo is good becasue it shows you how homeless people have to live, also it gives you an esy way to donate if you would like, however you have to be over 17 as there is some upsetting things which the person gets involved with. xx <3

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