iPad is Not Recognized by iTunes? Here is How to Fix it!

iPad is Not Recognized by iTunes Problem. If your an iPad user, you may have discovered already that the iTunes is basically your best friend, right? Whenever something happens, we turn to iTunes for help. If you need to restore, you turn to iTunes for back up and restoration. When you need to update, you turn to iTunes to download. If you need an app, or an app has a problem, you turn to iTunes still. However, if you’re already an iPad veteran, or have been using the iPad since it was released, then you may have already found out that the iTunes could be your friend, but the truth is, the iPad and the iTunes are really not the best of friends in the world right? To a certain point, they could even become the worst of enemies, completely ignoring and not recognizing each other, which leaves you on the stressful side of the situation, especially if you need the both of them to work together pronto! Hence, here is a post that would discuss a problem between the iPad and itunes that we all encounter every once in a while.

Solutions on iPad Not Recognized by iTunes

Whenever the iPad and the iTunes don’t get along too well, they ignore each other. Your iPad doesn’t get recognized by your iTunes.  So here is the step-by-step solution to solve this. First, check if you have the latest iTunes update. Maybe the problem is that your iPad is already updated and your iTunes could not get along with your iPad because the iTunes is not updated yet. Check if there are updates available for download. If there are, download and install them. After the update, check if the iTunes already recognizes your iPad. If it still doesn’t then let’s move on to the next step.
The next factor why the iTunes could be ignoring your iPad is that it doesn’t feel it because it’s low on power or it’s not charged. Fully charge your iPad first before connecting it to your iTunes. If you want to recharge it via your PC of laptop however, remember that an iPad with a completely empty battery could take up to 10 minutes before the iTunes finally feels it.
Another issue could be that it’s still not feeling it, not because of its charge, but because of faulty wiring or hub/port. If the iPad is not recognized after plugging it in to your computer, then unplug and replug it again, this time using another USB hub. Usually desktops and laptops have multiple usb hubs so try all of them. If it’s still not working, then try using another connection cable. Maybe the problem is not with the iPad, nor the hub, but your cable already.
If you’re dead sure that your iTunes is updated, your iPad is fully charged, and your hardware are working properly, then why not try resetting your iPad. It might do the trick. Soft reset your iPad by holding down the Sleep/Wake button until the slider appears. Slide it and turn it on again. If it still didn;t do the trick, then move on and perform a hard reset which is done by still holding down the Sleep/Wake button but with Home button at the same time until the Apple logo appears. If both of the iPad restarts did not work, then maybe the gadget that you need to restart is not really the iPad but your PC?
REstart your desktop or laptop. After the restarts of both gadgets check if they already recognize each other. If it’s still not working, then there;s only one solution left: to reinstall iTunes. Yep. There might be some corrupted data that keeps the iTunes from recognizing the iPad. Uninstall it from your PC first. After uninstalling, reinstall it again. Everything should already be back to normal by now. Have fun!
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