Maximize Your IPhone 5: Hidden Features And Cool Accessories

Maximize Your IPhone 5: Hidden Features And Cool Accessories. It’s been quite a while since the launch of the iPhone 5, and most people still haven’t gotten the hang of all the new features. So while you’re sitting around, waiting for whatever Apple is going to do next, pull that little guy out of your pocket and really explore. Outside of the great options for things like audio accessories or a wicked iPhone 5 case, the newest entry in the iPhone line has a whole host of nifty features.

Here’s a few things you might not have realized Your IPhone 5 can do:

  1. Take a photo in the middle of recording a video. It might not seem like much, but if you’ve only got one device and you really want to do both, the iPhone 5 will let you. All you do, while in video mode, is press the little camera icon and voila! Instant pictures, though of slightly less quality than the phone gets in Photo mode.
  2. Lock your screen so it won’t rotate. Ever been lying in bed, playing a game or reading a Wiki article, and your phone decides it’s a good time to rotate? Yeah, we’ve all been there. Not anymore. Simply double tap your home button and swipe to the right. The little gray icon with the circular arrow gets a quick touch, and your orientation is locked.
  3. Make the LED flash alert you to missed calls or texts. This one is big for people who jumped ship from Android, which was pretty well known for those handy LED flashes. With a simple setting change, you can make the iPhone 5 improvise the same with the camera LED. Go to Settings, then General; Accessibility; and turn “LED flash for alerts” to ON. Have fun!
  4. Use emoji. Now, if you’re one of the older iPhone users, this might be a new word for you. If, however, you’re sick of getting all those adorable smileys and icons in your friend’s text messages without knowing what “app” they’re using, breathe easy. It’s a built-in feature. Just go to Settings; General; Keyboards; Add New Keyboard, and add the Emoji keyboard. Now you can speak in smiley faces, too!
  5. Take full control of your accessories. IPhone 5 cases are the first thing everyone goes out and buys, and no one is arguing against their worth. Protecting your investment is a big deal. But outside of the defensive shell that guards your precious phone, are you making full use of the accessories? What about the headphones Apple gave you when you bought the phone? Bet you didn’t know they do more than control volume. Try these:
  • Launching Siri: hold the headphone control section for a couple of seconds, and that familiar voice will sound in your ear.
  • Pausing playback: one tap on the controls will pause, and another will unpause.
  • Take a picture: No kidding. If the camera app is open, you can tap volume UP to take a photo. Useful if you’re using a desktop tripod to do some cool photo projects with the iPhone 5’s admittedly excellent camera.

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  1. On the back, Apple has introduced a number of camera enhancements. For starters, now a sapphire crystal lens is used to protect the camera from any scratches when you place your iPhone down, and Apple has made the processing of the camera’s photos and movies even better. Photos are captured almost 50% faster than before, so the photo is saved almost instantly as you press the shutter button. There are also improved camera features like a wonderful panorama mode. In fact, while there are a number of panorama apps available for the iPhone, Apple’s implementation is one of, if not, the best. It’s so easy to use and lets you capture incredible photos that are seamlessly stitched together.

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