Tiny Chef for the iPod Touch

If you love shows like Hell’s Kitchen and Top Chef, or just love the hustle and bustle of working in a restaurant, then you’ll love the Tiny Chef app for the iPod Touch. This app doesn’t just let you work in a restaurant though, it lets you own the restaurant and take charge of everything from its design to what recipe you serve. And of course, to add that twist of competition that comes with every good app, you’ll also be able to advance the more you play!

In Tiny Chef, you’ll be able to make complex recipes to customers and the more customers you serve and the more dishes you make, the more recipes you unlock – which means making your customers happier, and making you more money (or in this case, Tiny Chef coins.) And you’ll also unlock design elements so the fancier and busier your restaurant gets, the more options you’ll have in windows, tables, floors, and more!

And no element of the restaurant lifestyle has been overlooked. Waiters will rush around trying to serve tables (except in this virtual world you get to name them yourself), and your customers will leave tips for you. Oh and if you leave that pot of food cooking on the stove too long, it will spoil. This app is not only fun and creative but it also makes you think on your feet!

What I love most about this app is that it’s pretty much exactly the same as CafeWorld, the Facebook app. That app I loved but unfortunately, it froze my computer up every time I tried to play. Now, I have Tiny Chef on my iPod Touch and can play whenever I want – no crashing, no freezing involved. I’m not the only one that likes it though; this app has already gotten tons of rave reviews from users. Best of all, it’s absolutely free so if you want to start designing your own restaurant, start by downloading it here.

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