Wikipanion for the iPod Touch

Lots of people couldn’t live without the browsing feature on their iPod Touch or their iPhone. After all, it’s one of the things that sets it apart from so many other smartphones, right? But, if you not only browse with your iPod Touch a lot, but find yourself browsing over to Wikipedia more often than not, you might want to consider just downloading the Wikipanion app for the iPod Touch. This app brings you everything you love about the website, including all the information and images, but brings it all to the palm of your hand and lets you organize and sort through it easily – so you can always turn to Wiki whenever you need to know a little more about anything!

Wikipanion lets you not only find the information you need quickly and easily, but also makes the site even easier to browse. You can search right within the page you’re on, to save you from scrolling around endlessly, and a table of contents will always help you remember where you are on a page, and take you directly there when needed. You can also browse through categories to make it simpler, and you can also search through your history or bookmark a page to return to one of your favorite pages quickly and easily.

If you find an image within Wikipanion that really strikes you, save it quickly and easily and change the language that the text appears in, or hide languages that you don’t need to see. Not only does Wikipanion bring you all the information you’ve ever needed straight from your iPod Touch, but it comes loaded with features to make it even more enjoyable! Best of all of course, the app is offered free and can be downloaded here.

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